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Happy Endings 


I just wanted to let you know how in love with Ruby we are. 

When we adopted her almost 4 years ago, her name was Winnie and she and my husband fell in love when he knelt down to pet her and she put her paws on his shoulders and hugged him. That was at Houndstown in Ronkonkoma, I think. The rest, they say, is history.

She adds love and fun to our family, and I can't imagine our lives without her. The work you do with your Long Road Home is really, really cool. 


Hunter (Champ) is loving his new home! Thank you so much for putting this little bundle of joy in our lives!!! We couldn't be happier --Heather


We rescued our Puppy Shane last January from Long Road Home. Debbie , who we dealt with was professional and yet personable. She came and checked our back yard to ensure the puppy's safety. She discussed diet and preventative medications for things like heart worm etc. all our questions were answered and to this day we are still in touch. I have her personal cell number and if I text a question regarding Shane I receive a speedy and helpful response. Once you adopt a dog from Long Road Hope you become a family member. You are never forgotten and help is only a phone call or text away. 
Our Vet said we won Lotto when we got Shane and I couldn't agree more. 
I'm trying to talk my husband into getting a friend for Shane..... From Long Road.... Wouldn't think of adopting from anywhere else. 
Thank you guys!!!!


I adopted my dog king from long road over two years ago.  i could not have gotten a better behaved, loving, funny dog.  He came to us so well trained and healthy as a horse!  i took him straight to the vet and he said i am slo lucky to have him as he is a strong, well mannered animal.  I keep in touch with Debbie and as stated before Long Road Home is like family.  i urge my friends to adopt a dog from here.  The foster homes are loving, clean and you are able to see the dogs personality.  I can't believe what some are saying.  Perhaps they were not ready for a dog as it is an adjustment for all.  I wouldn't trade King for a million bucks.  He is now part of my family and knows he is loved.  He comes everywhere with us.  A dog should not be caged all day.  How would you feel being cooped up. I would get another dog from Deb without hesitation.  Those dogs are very well taken care of. Her job is not easy nor is it cheap to take care of these animals.  I think she is the best.  Don't make anyone tell you different --Diana


Luna aka Daisy, just had her 1st birthday! Everything is still going great & we couldn't imagine life without her! She enjoys running in the park laying in her camping bed, rides in the subaru, & chewing on her dino chew toy. -Ej


Thank you again. It's been six months since we adopted Rain from you. She's been such a joy! We love her so much --Allison


Three years ago this past Saturday, I brought home the love of my life. Thank you Long Road Home, for this amazing blessing. And thank you to her foster mom, Amber for all the love and care she gave her until she was mine. Magnolia (formerly, Honey) is my girl! I'm so lucky to have her. Thank you for her and thank you for all you do to save these beautiful dogs. Here she is, playing on the beach in the Hamptons. 3 years of love, fun & friendship! --Tricia


Thank you Long Road Home and Dog Days of Charlotte for 
bringing Chloe into our lives.
She has found her forever home -- Dana


We love you NORTON!!!!!! THANK YOU LONG ROAD HOME RESCUE!!!!!! --Ann Susan


 Thank you for the best gift ever. Hunter is the sweetest boy and made our family complete! --Jackie


We recently adopted our dog Rue from Long Road Home (in Manhasset, NY) and couldn't be happier with Debbie and the entire adoption process.  We were looking for a specific breed/size of dog (corgi-mix) but were not having any luck finding one locally in the Boston area.  After seeing a dog that sounded perfect, I decided to send them an email on a Sunday morning to inquire if they would consider us for adoption since we live in MA.  Within just one hour, I received a call from Debbie and we had a nice conversation about the dog and the adoption process.  I was so impressed with her that we decided to complete the adoption application that same day.

In only a few days, Debbie called me back to let us know that we were approved for the adoption and we made arrangements to drive down to Long Island, NY the next weekend (4.5 hours each way).  I can assure you that we would not have made the drive unless we felt very comfortable with the process and how this rescue conducted themselves.  When we arrived at the foster house, Rue was exactly as described.  She is sweet, loving and great with our two sons.  We received full copies of her previous medical records and have already had a complete check up done by our personal vet to ensure that she is fully healthy and everything matched the provided records.
-- Bryant



I have had two recent experiences dealing with Long Road Home and Debbie in particular.   First, my brother adopted his Border Collie/Norweigan Elkhound mix from Debbie and this organization.  Upon his raving about what a great experience it was and how knowledgeable Debbie in particular was in matching the right dog to the right family, I decided to give my own adoption a shot.  My family and I adopted our dog, Rocky, not longer after that.   The experience with both Debbie and Long Road Home was excellent.  Debbie is a caring person who has vast knowledge of dogs and works hard to try to place dogs in proper homes.  The process was smooth and seamless.  I have to say that both my dog and my brother's dog have such wonderful dispositions and anyone who meets them always asks where we found such great dogs (and I give my shout out to Long Road Home!).  I could not imagine my life without my dog who, at nearly 90 pounds, thinks he is a lapdog and is one of the sweetest, most friendly and docile animals I have ever encountered.  I would not trust anyone else to help in any future pet adoptions and my family and I are eternally grateful to Long Road Home for the work they do and the care they taking in vetting the animals and working so diligently to place each animal in its forever home.  THANK YOU, LONG ROAD HOME AND DEBBIE for allowing us to find the newest member of our family :)! --Dina



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We adopted a beautiful black lab mix from Long Road Home. We named her Sweetie because she is the most loving sweet dogs we've ever seen. Debbie has been extra ordinarily helpful with advice on all sorts of things. We haven't had a dog in a few years and we needed a primer. She always got back to me and was helpful. I'm so impressed with the work that Long Road Home that I have donated several times  to them. My entire family loves Sweetie. My 7 year old never had a dog so he was a bit afraid of dogs. But Debbie found the most perfect dog for our family. Sweetie is my sons best friend now. 

I feel so confident about Long Road Home that when my older son came home with an abandoned dog the first person I called for help was Debbie. And within a week or so Debbie found a foster home and is finding a home for that dog.

I highly recommend Long Road Home.   And Debbie is of the highest integrity. And cares an incredible amount about the dogs she saves and the families that adopt them.
-- Wendy



In november of last year we adopted rex, formerly buddy from the long road home rescue. Rex is a coon hound Sharpe mix, he was around 9 months old when we first got him. We were just moving into our new home and needed a well mannered dog who we wouldn't have to worry about with our new furniture etc when we left the house. So far a year later and he has brought so much joy and happiness to our life. He has become a member of the family a very spoiled one at that. Two months ago my parents long time dog shadow passed away after a long tough battle, my parents were distraught, especially my father. Although they wanted to have a dog, after the loss of shadow they weren't sure if there would ever be another dog for them. I recommended the rescue to my dad, who along with my wife and I, drove out to Suffolk to check out a hound/shepherd mix who was just under 1 year. My dad took the dog home, Ginger as she is now called, and she is very much loved. This rescue does a great deed, they rescue hundreds of dogs ever year and find forever homes for them. Dogs from high kill shelters that would other wise be put to sleep. Anyone who does something like that commands respect, I highly recommend Long Road Home. At least give them a try before you go out and buy a dog. I posted two pictures above of my dad's dog (purple sweater) and my dogs (reindeer rex and santa) --Robert



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I adopted my dog Mickey from Debbie and LRH 3 years ago and recommend them to everyone. My brother also adopted his dog Kira from them last year, and we both had a great experience. They have the dogs' best interests at heart, are very careful in their screening process, and are always there to answer questions if you have them. Mickey had Lyme disease when he was found as a stray, and LRH made sure he had the proper medical care and was microchipped before being adopted. I continue to support them in any way I can -- sending donations, doing home checks, etc. -- because I believe so much in the work they do. Mickey has been an incredible addition to the family and I love to "pay it forward" by recommending LRH and helping them in any way I can.  When it's time to adopt again, I will definitely use LRH.

When people decide to adopt a rescue they need to understand that no dog comes with a guarantee. I've had 3 rescues and it usually takes about 6 months for the dog to begin to really settle in to a new family. People should not adopt with the expectation that they dog will be perfect from the moment they bring it home -- this is why it's so important that LRH is willing to take dogs back that turn out to be a bad fit for a particular home. LRH does a great job not only trying to match dogs with the right homes, but also arranging for transport up from shelters in the south and getting foster homes for the dogs until they are adopted. This is all done by volunteers who work very hard to make the process as smooth as possible for the dogs and the people


We had a wonderful experience with Debbie and Long Road Home.  We adopted Chester a few days ago and couldn't be happier.  He is a great addition to our family.  Debbie worked with us to make sure Chester would be a good fit and only had his best interests at heart.  Debbie was honest and helpful to make sure the transition was as smooth as possible.  The foster who had him (for only a few hours) was amazing.  All in all, the experience was top notch and would recommend Long Road Home and Debbie to anyone looking for their next new family member.--Beth


As I sit here to work on my computer, my faithful companion, Molly, sleeps soundly by my side.  She adores me and I adore her and to think, if it weren't for Debbie and The Long Road Home Rescue Organization, we would never have found each other. 

In 2011 my kids were trying their hardest to agree to get a dog.  I knew I could not care for the 3 of them, my mom who was in hospice and a puppy.  One day I looked on line for rescue corgis and all of the sudden the cutest Corgi/Jack Russell's photo popped up.  I sent an email inquiring about the dog and within minutes, Debbie replied with all the answers to my questions.  Most importantly to me was she assured me the dog was house trained. She explained that their dogs are all fostered before placement so they could ensure they were properly trained.  It was their belief that house training was key to successful adoptions. We made arrangements for me to meet the dog the next day.

I met Debbie at Molly's foster home.  The foster mom and her two grown sons were also there.  They filled me in on Molly's personality and they all felt she would be great for a family of 3 children close in age because she didn't attach to just one of them while living there. She loved whoever she was near.  It was moving to see how much they cared for a foster dog.  I fell in love and made arrangements to bring my husband to meet her.  We went a few days later and he too loved her.  We would have taken her right there and then but couldn't because, the group had to call our references and do a home check.  We were disappointed but knew that was the right thing to do.  

Finally, Debbie called and said everything checked out and asked when we wanted her.  My kids were on break from school so I said "Today!"  We were all so excited to surprise the kids, Debbie offered to bring us to our home and share in the excitement.  It was such a wonderful night for us and for Debbie too because she saw for herself that her dog was going to a loving home.  

We were so impressed by the whole process.  When friends are looking for a dog, we recommend Long Road Home. In fact, a few days after we adopted Molly, my friend adopted her Mugles through them.  Since then, my sister, my brother and my nephew have all adopted dogs through them as well and one is sweeter and better trained than the next.  We loved the group so much, we still use Molly's foster mom when we need a dog sitter.  Molly starts getting excited the minute we make the turn to Marie's house.  I believe it is because she knows that is where she was brought after being abandoned during an awful snowstorm and where she was loved and readied for us.

Thank you to Debbie and everyone at Long Road Home.-


Remi is a wonderful, sweet girl and I am so thankful to have found her. She had learned her basics of sit, down, stay and no. She is housebroken and thankfully chews only her toys (but I watch her closely and continue to crate train). She has met most of our family and is adapting well. She plays kindly with other dogs and kids but remains timid, needing to be introduced to everything (especially men and new dogs, toys, etc) slowly. 
I am in love with her and she seems very happy too. She has daily walks when I am at work and trusts/ loves her walker/companion. 

The new year will bring some training for us so she can feel more comfortable on a leash. 
Thank you for helping Remi be part of our family. 
Wishing you a happy and healthy new year

---Tracy and Remi


* Thank you Debbie! We adopted Dash, now Duke, from Long Road Home Rescue this past summer and we could not be more pleased. Debbie guided us to find the perfect dog for us based on our lifestyle (runners and out of the house for 8 hours a day) and having a cat. Duke is an incredible dog that we rescued at 9 months old, he was house-broken and perfectly balanced! With some Petco training classes, daily walks, exercise and play he has proven to be a constant source of joy and love. We could not be more pleased with our dog, the process or Long Road Home Rescue! * --Ashley


I reached out to Debbie to foster a beautiful Shepherd-mix, Roxi, in August 2014. This beautiful pup was being transported from the south after having received life-saving surgery which Long Road Home Rescue funded! Had she not received this surgery, Roxi definitely would not have survived. Debbie arranged for us to pick up a crate, leash, etc. prior to picking up Roxi. Debbie was very responsive to emails, calls, and texts and answered our questions. I had nothing but very POSITIVE experiences with Long Road Home Rescue. All of the dogs I met that were in the care of this rescue were very well-taken care of, healthy, and happy. If you're looking to adopt, you should definitely consider adopting from Long Road Home! --Jessica

Bailey and Rue

I have adopted 2 dogs through Long Road Home and would highly recommend this rescue. My first adoption was 'Willy' back in 2013. I adopted him after fostering him for a short time and he is THE PERFECT dog! He actually starts the pet therapy program this sunday. My 2nd adoption was 'Rusty' in Sept 2014. Both of my dogs were completely healthy with paperwork of all their vetting records. I always found Debbie to be very helpful. You can tell she really cares about the dogs and their well being. Their trainer has also always been there for me with advice and training tips. It's hard to believe that 2 years ago I didn't have any dogs, because I really can't imagine my life without my 2 babies anymore! I am so thankful for them and Debbie and Long Road Home for saving them! When it is time for me to adopt again, I know where I will be going! -- Stephanie


My husband and I adopted our dog Penny (formerly "Chrissie") from a Long Road Home in January of 2012. I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions we've ever made. Penny is my "soulmate dog" and I can't imagine life without her. The women who run this rescue care tremendously about dogs and work tirelessly to ensure bright futures for every animal. I'm so grateful to Debbie for saving our girl from the shelter and bringing her into our lives. The adoption process was fast and easy and they cared enough to come do a home visit. When a behavioral issue came up, I was able to reach out for guidance and was amazed at how much time Ksusha spent on the phone with me (out of the goodness off her heart). We would definitely adopt from this rescue again and feel tremendously grateful that they brought our sweet Penny into our world! --Maya


My girlfriend and I had inquired about a dog profiled by this rescue group back in August 2015. After effortlessly contacting Debbie, we spoke and I had explained our needs and concerns. We had arranged to meet two dogs on a Saturday shortly after they arrived from South Carolina.  The entire experience was easy and pleasant. We agreed to foster one with the intent to adopt , which we ultimately did. Our dog Buddy was very very accurately described by Debbie. He is an amazingly well behaved loving dog that has made a great addition to our family. We picked up Buddy from foster Stephanie who was absolutely great and even bathed him for us. He was fully vetted and came with all records. 
This group and others that save amazing dogs from shelters to foster/adopt them are invaluable. ---

Rosie & Tucker

"I adopted my first rescue from this group in 2012 and cannot believe it's been three years. My Rosie has become the love of my life, and we decided to adopt a second dog from them earlier this year. After speaking with the owner and discussing which dogs might be available, she was very astute as to which of her dogs would be a good match. Met with the foster parents and fell in love We are now the proud parents of a second rescue from this wonderful group. Both dogs came from down south where the dogs are often neglected and have the highest distemper rate in the country. 
I hold this rescue group in high regards, and cannot imagine how they do all they do.  Their hard work rewards both neglected animals and families who are looking to adopt and not shop.
Would recommend, and have done so, to many friends!" --

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